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With a high understanding in many forms of software development, your guaranteed to get a product built right and built for you.

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As a Digital Media graduate, I have acquired many skills while studying including various front/back end development methods, security strategies, and many high level programming languages and environments. Most important though, I have put in practice many project, time, and workflow managment methodologies in order to be a productive developer. I take pride in each project I undertake, always striving to outdue my previous one. Starting as a puzzle/game obsession as a child, I wanted a career path where my obsession for detail and understanding would excel. I entered NAIT to become a game programmer, and while I've followed that passion, I have found a natural gift for Full-Stack Development and enjoy taking a project from conception to reality.

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Understanding is the key

With a natural ability to understand intricate projects, puzzles, and concepts, I can accept and solve any challenge presented.

Past Projects

Our Works

With a wide range of skills, we have many projects I'm happy to display.

How we do it

Our Process

We believe in order to build the best product possible, a dedicated plan and process always wins. Step by step we do our due diligence so you can be happy with your new software.



Perhaps the most important phase, we gather all necessary information to make sure we are on the same page of what you need of your software. We research the best method on building your project and all data you will need for your project to succeed.



Then we put that research & analysis to work. Building software from the ground up is what we do and we make it look good. Built for the modern user experience, all our software looks stylish and functions in a user friendly way.



We work with you in launching your new software successfully. We build your site with search engine optimization and we work with your to build marketing so your always attracting new guests and customers. Plus we handle everything needed on the back end so you don't have to!

Skills & Services

Skills & Services

Knowledgeable in many software languages and skills we will always be able to build the project you need. No matter the scale of the project we welcome all challenges.

Lets work together

Inquiries on projects are always free and we are always accepting challenges. Let's work together and see if we can build you something special.